Building tomorrow's environment today


Creating spaces, buildings and systems that are flexible, efficient and productive.

Shops, offices, industrial

Our work in the commercial sector ranges from fitting out shops and large retail centres, to refurbishing offices and corporate centres, to planning and constructing warehouses and industrial developments. Contract values range up to £4m.

Our clients include architects and commercial developers, small businesses and corporate enterprises, small shops and national retail chains, and various engineering and distribution businesses.

Whatever the sector or type of business, we understand the need to create spaces, buildings and systems that are flexible, efficient and productive, so that they fulfil the particular needs of each client.

This might involve planning and modelling new office or showroom space when a company is in the process of relocating.

Or expanding or reconfiguring existing office, showroom or storage space. Or meeting the high-specification requirements of engineering or manufacturing plants, or warehousing facilities.

Whatever the particular requirements or challenges of each project, we are mindful that while clients may be investing in the future they do not have unlimited budgets, so tight project management and financial controls are a vital part of the process.

We manage each project on an inclusive basis, involving the design team, subcontractors and suppliers at appropriate times. This ensures best value is delivered across the supply chain and completion is accomplished on time and within the optimum programme period.