Building tomorrow's environment today

How we work

Bringing proactive leadership and accountability to the construction process.

Open, dependable and easy to work with

At Armfield Construction, our knowledge and leadership skills have earned us a reputation for being open, dependable and easy to work with. We are also highly adept at managing the critical interaction between professions and trades, seamlessly and without issue, whether on-site or off-site.

Our approach is very much hands-on, with director-level involvement from inception through to completion and handover. This ensures full accountability at each and every stage of the construction process.

We believe in establishing strong and lasting relationships, with our clients and with our supply chain and project partners. This ensures clear channels of communication on both sides and fosters the trust and reassurance that are essential to the successful completion of any contract.

Each project has its own dedicated team selected at the initial tender submission stage. This is structured to provide the necessary specialist expertise and services, with a dedicated site manager, contracts manager and quantity surveyor.

Once the contract is awarded, this same team is responsible for taking it through to completion. This includes managing all costs, document control and administrative aspects, such as: initiating and progressing O&M manuals; preparing accurate monthly budget reports and cost projections; producing up-to-date programme reports; and carrying out regular, independent and unannounced health and safety site checks.